Party Bus Colorado Springs is the premier bus rental company in Colorado Springs. We offer party buses, shuttle buses, limo coaches and motorcoaches for rent. We have several different party buses to choose from, as well as all-inclusive packages that include everything you need for your next event or trip.

Colorado Springs Bus Rentals

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city. Colorado Springs is a great place for you to visit, live, work, and/or hold a conference or wedding. The city is located in the heart of America’s high country and surrounded by some of the most picturesque mountain ranges in the world. You will find a number of reasons why you should use Party Buses Colorado Springs as your premier bus rental company: We offer reliable service at competitive prices. Our buses are modern and comfortable with state-of-the art amenities inside so that you can enjoy your trip in style! We have buses available for any size group whether it’s an intimate gathering or large corporate event!

Party Buses To Choose from include

Party Buses-A party bus is the perfect option for a group of people who want to have fun, but don’t want to do it in an ordinary vehicle. Party buses can be rented for bachelor parties, girls’ night out and other events. They’re also great for festivals and concerts where you need a shuttle back to your hotel or parking lot after the show ends. If you aren’t sure what type of party bus will work best with your plans and budget, our experienced staff will help you find one that meets all your needs. Limo Buses-Limo buses are generally only used by large groups of people traveling together on special occasions or corporate events like weddings or conferences. These vehicles offer a comfortable ride while providing luxury amenities such as flat screen TVs, DVD players and surround sound systems so you can enjoy all the entertainment options available while on board! Because they are built on standard chassis they are able to accommodate larger groups than traditional vans which makes them ideal for large children’s birthday parties!

Why Choose Party Bus Colorado Springs?

If you’re looking for the perfect party bus in Colorado Springs, Party Bus Colorado Springs is the premier company to rent from. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles, with a dedicated customer service team that’s ready to answer your questions or help you plan your trip. Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, we have buses available for all types of groups and budgets. Whether you need an intimate ride or an extravagant party bus rental package, Party Bus Colorado Springs has exactly what you need!

The Best Group Day Trips

No matter what you’re looking for, Colorado Springs has it. With its rich history and natural beauty, there are plenty of things to see and do. You can enjoy the many museums, or take a tour around town on one of our party buses! You can also visit some of the best restaurants in Colorado Springs or go shopping at one of their many boutiques.

Do You Need to Rent a Limousine Bus?

Are you looking to rent a party bus in Colorado Springs? If so, it may be time to consider renting a limousine bus. Party buses are perfect for those who want to have fun, but they aren’t always the best option when it comes to traveling with a group. While they can help make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, they also come with negative aspects that may not be worth dealing with. If you’re interested in traveling by bus but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a regular party bus, then renting a limo bus might be right for you!

Charter a Sprinter Bus

Sprinter Buses are the perfect choice for your party bus needs. They are a unique transportation solution, with a sleek and modern design that will get your passengers excited to be on board. As opposed to other types of buses, Sprinters have low floors, which means you won’t have to climb or descend stairs at any point. This makes the overall experience far more enjoyable for all involved! In addition, these vehicles feature state-of-the-art technology such as climate control systems that keep everyone comfortable regardless of the weather outside. There’s also plenty of legroom in each seat so no one has to worry about feeling cramped up while they’re on their way somewhere exciting!

Learn About Party Buses

Party Buses Colorado Springs Is The Premier Bus Rental Company in Colorado Springs Colorado What is a Party Bus? A party bus is a large vehicle that can hold up to 49 people, including the driver. It comes equipped with all of the amenities needed to entertain your guests during any trip or event. You can rent a party bus for your wedding, prom night or bachelor/bachelorette party when you want an experience that will leave your guests with fond memories and lasting friendships. If you’re planning on renting out a party bus for your next event and would like some advice about how to make sure it goes off without any problems, then this guide should help give you everything you need! We’ll go over some aspects such as location—which isn’t always as easy as it seems—as well as what kind of things might happen if something goes wrong (and how much they cost).

A Limo Bus Colorado Springs Road Trip Guide

You’ve been dreaming about your road trip since the moment you booked your hotel room. You have every detail planned out, from what you’re going to eat and where you need to stop by on the way there. You know how many miles it is from one town to another, and how long it will take for each leg of the journey. But when it comes down to actually doing it – taking off as soon as possible with no idea what will happen – that can be intimidating! What if something goes wrong? What if there are delays? How do I get back home if someone gets sick along the way? These questions may seem silly when looking at them individually, but together they become rather daunting when taken all together! The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with having some uncertainty when planning a road trip because this means that anything could happen during negotiations between drivers and passengers alike!

Traveling From Coast to Coast?

Traveling from coast to coast is an excellent way to see the country. You can travel from coast to coast in a day, or you can take your time and explore each state along the way. There are ample opportunities for visiting national parks and monuments, shopping at local boutiques and markets, or even stopping into TV show locations! You’ll enjoy your trip even more if you travel with friends who share your sense of adventure.

Rent a Minibus to Explore Top Spots in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We provide top-notch transportation services to all of our customers, so no matter what your needs may be we can meet them. Our fleet includes everything from luxury sedans to mini buses and limos. If you need transportation for your large group or club, then a minibus rental is just what you need! Our vehicles can accommodate up to 20 passengers at once! This makes them ideal for family vacations, business trips and more. We also offer different types of buses including Sprinters and full size coaches so there’s sure to be something that meets all of your needs. When it comes time for booking transportation services in Colorado Springs CO area look no further than Party Buses Colorado Springs.

Comfortable Game Day Mini Bus Rentals

So, you have decided to rent a bus. The first thing you should know is that we are the premier party bus rental company in Colorado Springs, CO. We have been serving the area for over 20 years and have hundreds of customers who love our service. Our goal is to make sure your trip is fun, safe and memorable. Here are some things you can expect when renting from us: We will send you a link that allows you to fill out an online application for free Once we receive your application, we will get back with confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours or less. We offer great discounts if you book multiple buses at one time.

Motorcoach Services From Limo Service Colorado Springs

Motorcoach services from Limo Service Colorado Springs is one of the premier Motorcoach Services in Colorado Springs. They have a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate all your group transportation needs. Whether you are looking to rent a motorhome for your upcoming vacation, or you are organizing an event and need shuttle buses for guest transportation, Limo Service Colorado Springs will help make your trip hassle-free!

Need Ongoing Shuttles for Your Group, Business, or Event?

If you need an ongoing shuttle service to take your group around town, or if you want to use the bus for business purposes, we can help! We offer the best prices on ongoing shuttles in Colorado Springs, which includes both one-time trips and unlimited travel. For groups of all sizes, our one-time trip is a great option for events and special occasions. For example: If you are planning a wedding or other large event at a location that’s far from home, why not rent a party bus so everyone can get there together? It’ll save time and money compared with driving separately in separate cars or taxis. Do you work at an office where everyone drives their own car? Why not try something new by taking an ongoing shuttle instead? It’ll be easier on everyone’s stress levels—and wallets!

Let us help you plan your transportation needs

Our company is the premier bus rental company in Colorado Springs. We have a wide variety of buses to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a party bus or something a little more refined, we can help! We also offer shuttles for your group, business, or event. Our drivers are here to make your trip as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. From planning your transportation needs to ongoing shuttles for your group, business or event; let us help you plan it all out!

Limo & Bus Rental Prices in Colorado Springs

VehicleRental Pricing
6 Passenger Limo$110-$145 hourly*
8 Passenger Limo$120-$155 hourly*
12 Passenger Limo$125-$165 hourly*
18 Passenger Minibus$140-$170 hourly*
20 Passenger Party Bus$150-$200 hourly*
25 Passenger Party Bus$160-$220 hourly*
30 Passenger Party Bus$180-$260 hourly*
30 Passenger School Bus$145-$240 hourly*
50 Passenger Coach Bus$150-$240 hourly*
56 Passenger Charter Bus$150-$260 hourly*

*Prices vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.